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Download Mod APK

Download Kinemaster mod apk latest version to enjoy the amazing features of kinemaster fully unlocked. Just click on the “Download” button given below to go to the download page of kinemaster mod apk file.

About Kinemaster

Kinemaster is the Best Video Editor & Maker application to Make and Edit your videos in a professional way by using amazing features. There are many tempelates and different professional tools offered by the app to use while editing your videos. The app become very famous within a very short period of time due to it’s amazing features.

Kinemaster Mod APK

KineMaster Mod Apk is a modified version of the original application. The original application was modified by the third party developers to meed the needs of the users of app. As in the original app there were many features which were not free and user have to signup or bought the subscription to use these features like watermark removal. Now in the Mod apk version all the features are fully unlocked and free.

How to Download Kinemaster Mod APK

It is very easy to download the Kinemaster Mod APK version. There is no need of subscription or pay fee for that. Just follow the instructions which are given below to download the apk file into your android device.

  • Here on this website you will find the “Download” button.
  • When you will click on this button you will be redirected to download page to download the apk file.
  • Here click on the “Download APK” the apk file will be started to download.
  • Wait for the completion of the downloading.

Info of the App

Name of APPKinemaster
Size80 MB
Last Update01 Hour Ago
Downloads50 Millions +
LicenceFully Unlocked
File TypeAPK

Features of Kinemaster Mod APK

There are many amazing features which are introduced and added in the Mod version of kinemaster. These are the premium features of the original app which has been unlocked in this version and users can enjoy freely. We are going to discuss all these features below for you:

No Watermark

Most of the video editing apps, they post their own watermark on video which users edit. When you will download the video which you have edited then you will see a watermark of that app in the video. Kinemaster is also one of them. If you want to remove watermark from the video then you have to purchase the permium version for that. But in teh Mod version of Kinemaster there is no watermark in the video. You will enjoy this premium feature totally free.

Trimming and Cropping

Trimming and Cropping

While talking about Video editing app then it is very important to have the feature of Trimming and Cropping. Without this feature no video app can be best for the users. Throug this feature the video editor can cut the any part of the video which he/she like most.

Kinemaster Frame

Edit Each Frame

Now you can edit each frame available in the app. Each frame has it’s own appearance and you will wish to apply each frame in your video. Frames provide a different look to your videos which you want to have.

Color Adjustment App

Color Adjustment

Color adjustment palys an important role in the field of video editing. While you are using a video editing app it is very important to have color adjustment for visual enhancement. You can enjoy multiple color adjustment in a single video editing.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

By editing your stunning videos with the help of your talent you can also share your videos on social media also. You can share your talent with your friends by different social media platforms. Its direct sharing feature supports, FB, Insta, Whatsapp, YT, and others.

Voice Recording and Editing

Voice Recording and Editing

When there is a video editing activity then voice recording and editing is very important part of this app. Kinemaster Mod APK offers Voice Recording and Editing tool through which you can record your voice, voiceover recording and can insert your voice at the aprt of the video.

Speed Control

Speed Control

Slow-Mo and Fast-Mo videos are equally popular on Social networks. Speed control tool allows users to speed up or slow down their video at the point wherer they want to. So that user can make the video how he/she want to edit.


High-Resolution Export

The video which you have edited according your interest now you will definitely want to export the video into your android devices. So download the kinemaster mod apk and enjoy the High Resolution videos free.

Chroma Key

Chroma Key (Green Screen)

Chroma Key (Green Screen) is the technology to remove the background of a video. This technology is used by the professional level video makers and editors while editing movies like Hollywood, Bollywood and other entertainment industries. This feature has become the most important tool in the video editing apps. It is also available in the Mod version of Kinemaster.

User Friendly

User Friendly

The Kinemaster has a very user friendly interface. You can understand all the features of the app very easily. A new user can also utilize it’s tools within a few projects only. With the passage of usage the user enjoy the app functions and features.

Multi-Layer Editing

Multi-Layer Editing

Multi Layer editing tool makes the app more intersting. You can add dozens of layers at once while editing the app the video. Enjoy the app by adding multiple videos, images, stickers, audio tracks, texts, filters, effects, and much more in a single video editing project.

Real-Time Preview

Real-Time Preview

Real Time Preview is an amazing feature to edit a video. As with the help of this feature you can preview the changes instantly. So that you can add it or remove which you have make the change. So that the editing become more easy and time saving.

Extensive Effects

Extensive Effects Library

The app offers an extensive effects library to choose from a wide range of effects, transitions, stickers, and animations to elevate your video editing. You can enjoy hundreds of editing effects, tons of stickers, animation, and much more by this mod version of the app.

Sound Customization

Complete Sound Customization

Sound cutomization is very important tool for a video editing app. Kinemaster has this amazing feature to edit & customize the sound of your videos. With the help of this feature you can adjust the volume of the video or can completely mute the original sound. You can also add additional audio files, BGM, or any music piece to your video whichever you want to add. One thing more is that while you have added multiple audio or sounds in the video, you can also synchronize the sounds by adjusting volumes accordingly.

Keyframe Animation

Keyframe Animation

This feature allow users to create dynamic and captivating visuals. User can control the position, scale, rotation, and opacity of elements over time with an awesome keyframe feature. This feature gives you a magic touch while creating your videos.

High Quality Templates

Use High Quality Templates

KineMaster Pro allows users to use thousands of High Qualityy trending video templates while making the videos. You just have to Swipe through them on the Mix screen to select one of the templates to create your own special video. The given video templates are ready for YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Share Kinemaster Tempelates

Share Your Template

You can Share your talent with the world by sharing your own videos as video templates. Other users of KineMaster download will enjoy watching them and will use your created template to create their own videos.

Save Kinemaster Projects

Save Your Projects

Now you can save your projects in the cloud storage so that you can edit or modified later on from any device. And also can share your projects with your friends with the link of your projects. You can also download Instapro latest version free.

Video Effects

Free Video Effects

Kinemaster allows different & advanced video effects for it’s users to use them in their videos. So that you can convert your simple videos into professional by using video editing background.


What is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is the best app for those who are looking for the app to edit videos. It has a combination of all related tools which are necessary to edit videos in a professional way.

Is Kinemaster Free?

Yes, the Kinemaster mod apk version is totally free and full of all premium features without any cost.

Is Kinemaster one of the best video editor?

Yes, there is no doubt that Kinemaster is one of the best video editing apps. We can say that it is the combination of all apps.

Which tool is the best in Kinemaster?

All of the tools of the app are best and necessary for the video editing.

Are brushes availabe in Kinemaster?

Yes, different types of the brushes are available in the app which you can use for different activities.

Is Kinemaster Safe for Android?

Yes, Kinemaster is safe for Android. For using it on Android, you have to follow the downloading steps of this app.


At the end of all this discussion related to Kinemaster we can say that, if you are looking for a best video editor app then i would like to recommend that Kinemaster is best for you. As we already discussed this app meet all the needs of the viedeo editors like professional ways. There are many apps which offers video editing features but Kinemaster is the combination of all related apps. So just download the app by given link above and enjoy all the premium features totally free.

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