How to Remove Watermark from KineMaster?

Kinemaster stands as a highly potent video editing tool for Android. This app is freely accessible and boasts a robust set of features, positioning it as a fully-fledged video editing application comparable to PC video editors. Developed by NexStreaming Corp, now known as Kinemaster Corporation, the Kinemaster APK is a straightforward yet formidable editor tool for Android. It facilitates the creation of impressive effects through the utilization of layers, transitions, voice envelopes, images, effects, and more.

While Kinemaster does come with ads, watermarks, and the requirement to purchase premium assets for full feature access, there exists a free and legitimate method to export videos on Kinemaster without watermarks and without payment. However, this free option involves encountering ads and the potential need to acquire premium assets.

Buy the Premium Version of the App

The most effective and secure approach to eliminate watermarks and ads is by purchasing the premium subscription of the Kinemaster app.

For those wanting to explore before committing, a 7-day free trial is available. You can assess its suitability during this period and cancel the subscription at any time within the seven days. Billing only commences after the expiration of the free trial. This grants you unrestricted access to all features, an ad-free experience, and complete entry to premium assets.

Following the free trial, you have the option to select either a monthly subscription or a direct yearly plan. Subscribing will eradicate all ads, unlock the asset store, and eliminate the “made with Kinemaster” watermark.

Use the Older Version of the KineMaster

Kinemaster, a free video editing app for Android, offers a method to export videos without a watermark without resorting to any modified versions of the app. It appears that, for unknown reasons, older versions of Kinemaster are exporting videos without a watermark specifically on Android 10.

To achieve this, simply download an older version of the app. While creating your project on the older version, you may encounter a prompt indicating the need to purchase a subscription to remove the watermark. However, when you proceed to export the video, the watermark is mysteriously absent. While the exact reason remains unknown, you can certainly leverage this feature to export watermark-free videos.

Important Points to Remember

  • This is Not a counterfeit version of the KM App
  • You will see Ads
  • You need to Buy the Premium Asset

Note: I tested the Older Version on Android 10 and found the App to Export Videos without WM, it may not work for other Android versions or all Android devices.

You just create the project, skip the intermediate payment option, and export the video. The output video is without any watermark.

But you do not have access to Premium Assets, and you will also see Ads as it is just an older version of the app, not the unlocked version.

Troubleshoot Kinemaster Export Issues

If you encounter problems with the app, consider the following solutions to address various issues on your KM app.

Error Exporting on Android Avoid using any screen recorder during the export process, as screen recorder video encoders may lead to complications with KM. KM relies on a hardware video encoder, and using other apps concurrently may cause the process to fail.

Fix “Codec Init Failed Error” This error might result from incorrect detection of device resolution, hardware compatibility, and software performance. Follow these steps to resolve it:

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Open KM.
  3. Tap on the Settings option (Gear Shaped).
  4. Navigate to Device Capability Information.
  5. Tap the menu indicated by three dots (…) in the upper-right corner.
  6. Choose Hardware Performance Analysis to run the analysis (This may take up to 5 minutes).
  7. Reboot the device again.

Risks of Using a Counterfeit Version

  1. Your data may not be secure.
  2. Malicious File Host.
  3. Potential legal complications.


  1. Can Kinemaster Be Utilized on a PC? While there is no standalone KM app for PC, you can explore using an Android emulator on your Windows or Mac PC to run the Kinemaster app and engage in editing.
  2. Is Kinemaster Free? Indeed, the app is available for free use and encompasses all its features. However, in-app purchases may be required for certain premium special effects and to remove the watermark.
  3. Does Kinemaster Support Chroma Key? Absolutely! The KM app supports the chroma key feature, facilitating compositing or adding video layers. This functionality enables the creation of a green screen for incorporating VFX effects, enhancing the overall editing of media files.

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